Playing to Strengths—ER 1

I really appreciate the intentionality behind Steven Furtick’s evangelistic preaching. This segment refers to his approach and depth of content—and resulted in some great feedback about strengths and spiritual gifts. Take a look at how Steven responds.


Correction is Needed, but from the Right People—ER 1

In this clip, Matt Chandler reminds us there is error in both the orthodoxy and evangelistic camps. Perry Noble agrees that doctrinal error needs to be called out but with some good suggestions for who and how. David Platt concludes with a great challenge about the importance of the purity of the gospel. GREAT clip! Love it.


10 Quotes From E-Room 1 and Another Twitter Contest.

Here are 10 personal favorite quotes from Elephant Room 1.

10. Matt Chandler – Depth is not the enemy of conversion.

9. Mark Driscoll – It’s a Shepherd’s job to be unloving towards the wolves, OUT OF LOVE for the sheep.

8.  Steven Furtick – It’s easy to say, “Shoot the wolf” until people start calling you the wolf.

7. James MacDonald – If you want only enough of Christ to save yourself, then you probably don’t have enough to do even that.

6. Greg Laurie – If a church doesn’t evangelize, it will fossilize.

5. Mark Driscoll – God’s plan A is humility, God’s plan B is humiliation….to be proud is to pick a fight with God.

4. Greg Laurie – The greatest critics of video sites are people who haven’t attended one.

3. James MacDonald – It’s not wrong to have. It’s wrong when things have you.

2. Perry Noble on homosexuality – I think one of the reasons people joke about it is if that if the enemy can get us to laugh at something on a consistent basis, we don’t take it seriously. All media is now geared to make us think it’s funny.

1. David Platt – I think the best way to reach people is to exalt the glory of God.

Twitter Contest

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